Paper Machine Clothing

Monofilaments with unique formulations providing superior properties in forming, press, and dryer applications.

Shakespeare® monofilaments meet the highly technical specifications expected in the PMC (Paper Machine Clothing) industry. Using a variety of polymer types, Shakespeare custom designs monofilament solutions in our customers’ PMC applications in forming, press, and dryer fabrics.


Product Name Diameter Range (in) Diameter Range (mm)
Nylon 0.004" - 0.050" 0.10mm - 1.27mm
Polyester 0.004" - 0.035" 0.10mm - 0.89mm
PPS 0.016" - 0.035" 0.41mm - 0.89mm
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Contaminant Resistant
  • Heat Stabilized
  • Hydrolysis Resistant
  • Stretch Resistant MD Yarns
  • Deformable CMD Yarns
  • Edge Curl Control Products
  • Reduced Drag Nylon
  • Spiral Mesh Monofilaments
  • Bi-component Monofilament
  • Low Moisture Regain Nylon
  • Custom Pigmentation
  • Higher Molecular Weight Polymers
  • Forming Fabrics
  • Endless Press Felts
  • Seam Press Felts
  • Thru-Air-Dryer Fabrics
  • Dryer Fabrics
  • Pulp Screens
  • Cylinder Roll Covers
  • Fabric Seam Assemblies
  • Pulp Processing
  • Paper Industry

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