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Pushing the limits of material science to deliver high-performance solutions.

At Shakespeare, we're dedicated to creating material solutions for today's demanding manufacturing environment and the constantly evolving end-use applications. Our drive to imagine, create, test, and improve materials and processes comes from our team of experienced chemists, engineers and technical specialists. We're invested in your success every step of the way and work in partnership with you to develop premium material solutions to meet–and exceed–your expectations. With our customer-centric approach, we deliver unprecedented service from start to finish and devote resources to projects big and small.

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We specialize in three product lines, each offering a breadth of unique benefits that can be found in thousands of products around the world, from custom nylons to unique applications for monofilaments and conductive fibers.

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The NOVADYN DT/DI Polyamide is a patented technology encompassing a family of amorphous grade nylons providing excellent transparency, chemical resistance, and a higher Tg than traditional polyamides of 6I/6T. Applications include clear molded parts, films, compounds for metal replacement, additives for fiber property enhancement, and reducing the moisture effect in traditional nylon molded parts.

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