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Solutions are in the Science

At Shakespeare, we put science to work, pushing the limits and building solutions that thousands of reliable products depend on – day in and day out. While our history runs deep in material science, our capabilities, R&D, and customer-focused approach set us apart from the competition.


Shakespeare® Polymers & Filaments division has earned a remarkable reputation on the premise of our extraordinary product development capabilities combined with our customer-first approach and speed-to-market customization. Our flexibility, creativity, and ingenuity equally contribute to our unsurpassed ability to develop innovative solutions for the most complex and demanding applications. From concept to prototype to commercial scale production, we consistently deliver science-based solutions with superior quality, performance, and reliability.

Research & Development

We continually invest in people and technology to maintain a competitive edge in R&D. Our world-class team of material science experts and engineers have access to advanced filament and polymer labs equipped with state-of-art analytical equipment, pilot-scale reactors, injection molder, optical cast film extruder, and two dedicated filament extruders. With these resources, we are constantly improving products and processes to help our customers overcome manufacturing challenges, meet regulatory requirements, and integrate new applications for seamless conversions.

A history of material science expertise

Since 1897, Shakespeare’s commitment to problem-solving has made all the difference. Over the decades, we’ve invested in new talent, new technology, and enhanced R&D capabilities to position our company as a leading material science expert. We create solutions, manufacture high-performing product solutions, and deliver best-in-class service.

Through our three product lines – Performance Monofilaments, Engineered Nylons, and Conductive Fibers – Shakespeare® Polymers & Filaments is responsible for thousands of products around the world, from custom nylons to unique extrusion products. Since originally manufacturing polyamides in the 1960s, our strategy evolved to develop a polymer business platform serving the needs of both internal and external polymer demands. Now, we’re widely known for our diverse portfolio of products supported by proprietary technologies and patent-protected intellectual property.

Who We Are

We're way more than science-based materials. We're partners fostering relationships and adding value to your organization through our services and product solutions.


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