Engineered Nylons

Specialty polyamides custom developed for a broad range of applications, from automotive parts to packaging and extruded filaments.

Competitive Edge

Ingenuity, flexibility, and creativity drive our well-known success in engineered nylon solutions. Our reliable, uninterrupted supply of raw materials means you can count on us to meet deadlines with the excellent quality our customers have come to expect from Shakespeare. We develop products with advanced properties that stay one step ahead of the ever-changing requirements demanded by the numerous end-use applications we supply.

  • Automotive
  • Consumer Goods
  • Flexible and Ridged Packaging
  • Brush Filaments
  • Monofilaments for Processing Belts
  • Performance Textiles
  • Injection & Blow Molding
  • Bonding & Adhesion
  • Compounding Carriers
  • Film, Filament & Profile Extrusion


ASTRADYN premium clear amorphous nylon is formulated for high-performance applications.

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NOVADYN transparent amorphous nylon provides higher glass transition temperatures and excellent barrier protection.

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VALLADYN long-chain nylon is formulated for the most demanding applications including automotive parts requiring low moisture absorption and excellent dimensional stability. It offers superior chemical resistance as well as bio-based grade alternatives.

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CHROMODYN nylon is an optimal carrier of colors and additives. It is also alcohol-soluble and enhance the abrasion properties in thread bonding applications.

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